Turn Off or On 3G Cellular Data On iPad 2 or Later [Use It Without Wifi]

For those who have purchased ipad 2 or later wifi + 3g version might wonder and try to find some option like enable 3g toggle in settings on ipad like you have in iphone but in case of an ipad these settings are quite different to configure. In case of ipad you will need to turn off the wifi completely when you want it to use 3g network signals and 3g network signals incoming is turned on under settings >> cellular data – turn it on of off.

To understand more about how you can turn of all data connectivity on ipad, you should know how airplane mode works on ipad.

Enable airplane mode from the Settings screen on iPad Wi-Fi + 3G. When you turn on airplane mode, the following wireless connections/receivers are turned off:

  • Cellular Data
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS

To Enable 3G on iPad go to settings >> cellular data and toggle it to on status as shown in the image below.


Make sure that the wifi network connectivity is turned off so that you can effectively use 3g connectivity on your ipad on the go. 

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