Turn Off Nokia N8 Touch Screen Vibration, Haptic Feedback

The most annoying thing I found with Nokia n8 is the vibration whenever I select any option on it, the phone vibrates which is really annoying for me as I am an iPhone user I really don’t like when I touch the screen, the phone responds to touch but it vibrates also this phenomenon is called Haptic Feedback.

Today we will tell you how to turn off the haptic feedback and stop nokia n8 to vibrate when your tap on the screen to select some option.

1. On the phone screen you will see the current profile name which is active as shown and highlighted in the image below.


2. Now tap over the option which says Edit active profile as shown in the image below.


3. Under active profile, locate the section which says Touch Screen Vibration as shown in the image below.


4. Under touch screen vibration, select it to turn it off and then select ok.



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