Turn off, Mute Gmail Chat, Ringing Sound

There are times when you some one sends a chat message via gmail chat or you might receive a voice call in your gmail account, at such times you will listen a small notification sound. But some people either get annoyed by this sound or some times do not want to hear this notification sound for some reason.

You can simply disable the notification sound for new chat message or when some one is calling you on your gmail account, follow the procedure given below to do it.

1. Login gmail.com – with your username and password

2. Once you logged in, go to gmail account settings by clicking the settings link shown at the top right corner

12-21-2010 10-26-01 PM

3. Under gmail account settings – click Chat and then locate Sounds settings and select the option to turn it off

12-21-2010 10-28-48 PM

4. Now click Save changes button to save all the changes

12-21-2010 10-30-08 PM

Once you have configured the sounds off option you will not hear any notification sound in gmail for chat or voice call initiated by your friend on gtalk.

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