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There are some of the features which all of us might not like to use. Like the recently launched Instant Preview, some of us may find it annoying. I personally got many requests on how to stop it. They might be having their own reason for that. One of my friends told me that whenever accidently his mouse pointer gets over that lens like icon then Instant preview appears which some time makes the search speed low. In this post I will be telling you about the solution with the help of which you will be able to shut that feature down.


Google has not offered any option to switch off this feature as they have done for instant search. But then we will tell you about certain add-ons which might help you to do so. This add-on will only work for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, for the other browsers search is still ON. As soon as you add this add-on in your browser, an extra option can be seen on the search results page which will allow you to turn OFF the feature of this service. It will not remove the icon of lens but it will just disable all those option. So, no matter that how many times you take your mouse cursor over that icon, no graphical Interface will disturb you.


I hope that I helped many of you, who were really after tuning this feature OFF. Google might not have predicted that the users will be finding an option to turn it off just after one week of the launch of that feature and I hope that within no time you will be able to see the option for switching OFF this feature without any add-on.

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Install This Userscript To Disable Website Previews

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