Turn Off, Disable Gmail Chat Audio Notification Sound

We used to chat with our friends whenever we are free. At the same time we might be doing some other work as well. So, whenever someone ping, there is an audio notification. But if we are sitting with our colleagues, the audio might be disturbing them. Also, if we are doing some other important work side by side, these notifications may prove to be very annoying. So, I would prefer that these sounds must be switched off. I found the only solution for this is to turn of the speakers of my laptop. But this shows that the movie or music played side by side have to be turned off. To overcome all these problems, I found a better option. We can simply turn off the gmail chat audio with an inbuilt option in gmail.

The inbuilt gmail option to disable chat audio will help you to turn off the audio notification. It will need a few clicks and the work will be done. The snapshot below will help you to understand how to avail the facility.


The steps to be followed are as described below:

Step 1: Go to the Settings.

Step 2: Click on the tab named as Chat.

Step 3: There is an options of Sounds with Sounds on and Sounds off. Select the sounds off option.

Step 4: The last step is to confirm the changes. So, click on Save Changes.

And this was the final step. Now, you can easily chat with any irritation. You may be doing any other work but it will not hamper your work. There is no need to switch off all the sound systems. You can enjoy the music as well.

This option is very helpful to the people who may be chatting when there are a lot of people around. The audio notifications not only disturb you, but also the people sitting around you. So, to maintain the decorum of the place, you should switch off the sound. Also, we see that chatting is not only for fun. You may need to chat for the professional purposes with your seniors or colleagues or someone else. And when you are chatting in the office or any such other place, you have to be very  careful about these things. All these situations gives rise to the fact that you may know of the options available. So, disable the gmail chat audio with the help of the inbuilt option.

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