Enable Turn by Turn Voice Direction Commands In Native Google Maps App On iPhone

Hackulous and Cydia are some of the websites which makes it very reasonable for the users to get their iPhone jailbreak, they have lots of similar applications to offer which are currently present at a very high rate on the Apple Store. Do not worry I am not going to add any irony to it rather I want to tell you something important today and this information will be very useful for the users who are planning to get their iPhone jailbreak or who have already got this thing done. In this post I will be telling you more about this new application for jail-break phones.


You might be knowing that Native Turn by Turn Directions application on iPhone are quite expensive, so Cydia is heading towards the development of a tweak for Google Map for iPhone which will help you to access the voice based navigation on Google Map i.e. Native Turn by Turn Directions provided that you have Google Maps application for iPhone installed on your jailbreak iPhone. For those who do not know about this feature, I would like to mention that this application will help you to listen to the directions which are required when you are navigating through the journey.

This feature will let you to listen to the directions if you want to follow a specific route which has been marked on Google Maps, Cydia will getting out this tweak for Google Map in no time. But still, the releasing date is this tweak has not been discussed or declared but we can expect it to be coming out very soon. So, now you can get all those high tag applications at a lower cost just wait a little. You can find this tweak as Native Turn-by-Turn Directions on cydia by searching [ This tweak is coming soon on cydia ]

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