Trick To Stop Reliance Netconnect Broadband + 3.1 mbps Disconnection When Your Internet Activity Is Inactive or Your Computer Becomes Idle

Recently, I purchased reliance netconnect broadband + till now I am quite happy with the download speed and transfer rate it offers, Reliance claims that the technology they had used with reliance netconnect broadband + enables them to offer 30 per cent higher downlink rate in comparison to any other wireless internet technology available in the country.

The reliance netconnect broadband + device would cost you around 3500 Indian rupees which is non refundable and still you will have to subscribe to data plan to use it which are limited in terms of  the usage – the maximum usage with the unlimited plans offers is 10 gb of fair usage. :(

Now Some Problems I had Faced Using reliance netconnect broadband +

reliance netconnect broadband + Does Not Connect To Internet Automatically [ No Solution Yet ]

It does not connect automatically to internet you will need to launch the associated program connect to internet manually – Till now I have no solution for this problem but I am coming out with a solution to this problem

reliance netconnect broadband + Disconnects Automatically [ Solution Found ]

As reliance netconnect broadband + is dial up based so it will dial and connect you but if the connection remains inactive because of no application connecting to internet – it will disconnect automatically and will not even display a message that it has been disconnected – this is something I call bad software designing and poorly tested application.

Tweak to keep reliance netconnect broadband + connection active and stop disconnection

The disconnection is based on the fact if any of the application is not trying to connect to internet for some time it will disconnect, so I made a small desktop shortcut which keeps pinging the google server all the time, so once you are connected just double click the shortcut. This small shortcut will call the default ping command on your windows machine and will give an indication to reliance netconnect broadband + software that it is trying to connect to google server by sending some small data packets and reliance netconnect broadband + will not disconnect.

Note: You can minimize this command prompt of pinging google all the time, so that you does not occupy any space

Here is how you can create a desktop shortcut, right click on the empty area and select new >> desktop create shortcut

type the following in the target box – ping –t and click ok

Now when ever you connect to internet you just need too double click the shortcut to keep the connection active.

Another Easy Method To Solve The reliance netconnect broadband + Disconnect Problem

For Vista

1. Open Start Menu >> Control Panel

2. Open Network and Sharing Center

3. In the Left pane you can see the link Manage Network Connections, click it.

4. In the newly opened windows you can see all the network connections including reliance dial up connection


5. Right click on the dial up connection and select properties, click the options tab in the newly opened windows interface of the dial up

reliance netconnect broadband dial-up-connection-settings

Set your reliance dial up connection properties as shown above, click Ok and close all windows – now it will automatically connect when disconnected if the line is dropped

For XP

1. Open Start Menu >> Control Panel 

2. Click Network Connections

3. Right click on the dial up connection and select properties, click the options tab in the newly opened windows interface of the dial up

reliance netconnect broadband dial-up-connection-settings

4. Click Ok and close all windows, not it will dial up connect automatically on disconnection

Note: Either On Windows Xp or Vista this setting will come in effect only after system restart. 


  1. Naveen says

    i am also one of the victim of the reliance netconnect i bought the connection at december and i closed the connection on janauary but he never stopped me sending me bill i went to the reliance world again and again but there was just a consolidated response they say “dont worry” its not a problem we will do it right.
    finally i got a notice from court to be present before lokadalath i was shocked then i again went to the reliance world the answer was the same finally i have to pay 3000/ rs without any mistake of mine. there are 1000s of people who daily come to the lok adalath daily all are reliance company victims.
    The reliance is the biggest frauds i have paid 3000/ rs without any reason the actual fault was the companies but i was the victim.
    how do you think that they have the crores this is the reason. Never go to any reliance postpaid or prepaid products. this is a kind request to all indians never buy these frauds products.

  2. shanker pathe says

    Dear Sir

    I am facing erro when i am connecting my pc through relaic lxu800 data card.

    “Internet Connect Setting erro”

    Please help me

  3. Rajesh844 says

    I will be getting my Landline~ Broadband connection soon.
    I have a reverse situation [ problem if u call it & an IRRITANT ] : even when I am unplugged from the Reliance NetconnectBroadband modem the dialer message keeps popping up & dialing takes place.
    Is it possible to truly disconnect & connect back by changing the default at Network Connections ?

    Regarding billing I think the best way is to get into “safe-custody mode” B4 attempting to discontinue the service.

  4. Anit Gopinath says

    I have the same problem…even after i disconnect, the connection icon says i am still connected…how do i stop this ?

  5. Rahul says

    Hi Abhishek,

    Nice to see your posts on reliance broadband+ issues. I am also facing problems with frequent disconnections and speeds. I tried to implement the solutions mentioned by you. i need one clarification – I have XP on my comp and when we do the settings in network connections, what is PPP mentioned in the box. My dialer shows some thing like .25x ?
    please clarify. the ping thing seems to be not working.

  6. Karan says


    Im having problems concerning the speed.i have a desktop computer and an acer aspire 1 laptop [those miny laptops].there are three options in the network settings.i usually use broadband+ on my laptop because it always catches a signal and the speed is good for the plan i have take.60kb/s.but i don’t know why my computer is not able to detect the broadband only catches high speed signals.which have crappy speeds like 9kb/s.can you please help me?
    thank you.

  7. tuadm says

    @karan – i would suggest you to use the hybrid connection mode – that might work well in your case

  8. Dhruv Kumar says


    My Reliance Net Connect Broadband+ Device Stopped Working Automatically, Now when i try to access internet it shows, device not connected or temporarily unavailable., There have no software or hardware changes, Can you please help me out…

    I tried removing & reinstalling the driver, but it didn’t worked.

  9. says

    Here i got the solution for this problem, After installing the Reliance netconnect.
    Go to Program File ->Reliance Netconnect – Broadband+ ->plugins ->XFramePlugin -> then look for file name Config.xml. right click-> open-with ->Word or Notepad Then look for tag “” change this to “about:blank” and save. Now disconnect and reconnect to the RNB+ the page will open as Blank.

  10. Meet says

    i m facing a problem with my reliance broadband data card. it just disconnect every time w/o any notice. then i have to restart my computer then and only then it will start again. tell me what to do in this case???

  11. Pradeep says

    I am having some issues with the hybrid network. frequently the data card seems to lose this network and it defaults to high speed 1x network which you know is much slower. Atleast it will still work at a slower speed. If i use the broadband+ network alone it disconnects and whenever it loses the network. To summarize this, i found that there are issues with the broadband+ network, there is frequent disconnection, which is really annoying.

  12. Sumit says

    Hi everybody this is what it should be
    ping -t
    Abhishek has placed the ‘t’ little far.
    One more trick I will mention to hack it to Increase speed.
    but not in public for safety reasons.

  13. Yasin Popatia says

    Hi Everybody,

    My brother was having the same disconnection problem but it looks like now it has been resolved with the advice from Sumit with regards to PING.

    Try it now!


    Yasin Popatia (London)

  14. Prashant says

    I totally agree with you that this company is made to do frauds and there customer care is worst in this whole universe.

    I bought a netconnect card and 10 days back and till now i have not got my connection activated.

    The customer care guys give me excuses everyday and then they change the excuse the next day…. Going on let me see if i have a option to get there top bosses mail id so that i can take this up further….

    One suggestion to guys planning to take a wireless net cards… never opt for reliance…

  15. aravind says

    iam using reliance netconnect broadband plus . our areais under broadband network only. when iused first the speed is around 2.3mbps butafter rebooting my computer several times now its speed is only 28 kbps pls help me increse the speed of my modem

  16. dr saad says

    mr. bhatnagar i am facing some problem with my reliance netconnect bb+ connection prompt. whenever i try to connect with this connection prompt it says “error 718: the connection was terminated because the remote computer did not respond in timely manner” . i uninstalled the software for reliance netconnect and re-installed it but the network connection could not be established since in the network settings the authentication does provide any space to type username and password . i called there customer care executive but he only guided me to open my internet via another portal through control panel . he said the problem is with my pc software however i used the connction on my pc for 1 month . since i m a doctor i do not know much about this software stuff . kindly help me to resolve this problem .

  17. says

    @dr saad
    from your explaination its clear that its username password mismatch case. Please enter your username and password again at the reliance netconnect screen. If it still gives you error, call customer care and verify that your account is working and get your password reset if you have forgotten it.

  18. Sumit says

    Hi, as per Reliance error 718 is :
    A PPP conversation started, but terminated because the remote computer did not respond within an appropriate time.
    Call the reliance netconnect helpline specifically from your reliance mobile or the netconnect datacard – Number is *355.
    Make them come over and solve the issue or else if you are using it
    in a laptop take it to a reliance webworld.

    In their website they have asked to uninstall and reinstall the software for the error but since you have already done that
    then try creating a new connection in network settings and enter Reliance as the profile name, number to dial is #777
    and enter your username and password which is your datacard number.

    if things dont work go to the reliance webworld and keep bashing them till they fix it, and after all its their responsibility.

    By the way is this a new connection you have taken or you have reinstalled it after format?

  19. Curious2 says

    I work in hyd and have been using the netconnect broadband + for 1 month now.
    I have experienced 3 problems.
    1. the speeds are good but as mentioned if the internet is idle for some time there is no connectivity although the status is connected.
    2. during this stage of coma the software takes a lot of time to disconnect
    3. when i try to connect again the software hangs/unresponsive and stops at 20% loading (detecting device)

    Now i took this same modem (not my laptop though)to kolkata and i did not have any of the problems, the speed was fantastic, the connection was smooth and it reconnected whenever there was a disconnection.

    I tried the ping solution but it didn’t work, now the cp flashes and dissapears without showing any packets etc.
    i tried the “redial when line drops” but although i check the box, whenever i log on the next time the box shows up unchecked again.

    i have a feeling that the problem might be with my laptop (xp, sp 3) and not my modem, since it worked so well on my desktop in kolkata. but i cant put my finger on the exact mismatch that is troubling me.

  20. indira says

    hi thanks for ur solution… how to increase the speed where will u mention the trick… can u mail to me.. i use 1x cdma reliance netconnect
    thank u

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