Trick To Find Invisible People On Gmail Chat, Google Talk

There are times when you would like to find out whether some of your friends who are being shown offline are really offline or they are just being using gmail google chat in invisible mode.

In such cases there is a very simple trick to find whether a person you are chatting with is actually offline or just pretending to be offline and is actually using chat in invisible mode, follow the procedure to know more.

We had also posted about, how to be invisible on google chat when you are using google chat desktop client.

In order to find invisible users on google talk, you will need to download and install google talk desktop edition program for windows from here

1. Once you have downloaded and installed google talk, run it and login with your gmail username and password.

2. Now search and locate the target user in google talk as shown in the image below.

10-7-2010 3-18-21 AM

3. Now go off record to chat with this person as shown in the image below

10-7-2010 3-21-05 AM

4. Now send some chat message to this person, if you receive this error username is offline and can’t receive your messages right now - then it means that user is actually offline as shown in the image below.

10-7-2010 3-17-11 AM 

5. if you don’t receive any error message like the one shown in the image above, then it means that the person is in invisible mode and online on chat.

10-7-2010 3-17-42 AM 

This is how you can find invisible people on google gmail chat, if you have any questions please let us know through comments.


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