Transparent, See Through Windows Lock Screen [For Windows 7 & Later]

There might me many instances that you use” Windows + L” to lock your computer screen before leaving your place, it might be at your office, workplace or anywhere else. By locking your system this way, it takes you to the system logon screen and you can again log in by entering correct password (if you have set any windows password). When your system is locked, you will notice that background audio will still be playing but you will be unable to view the background activities, which could be playing of video (but you still can hear the audio), chat application and many more. But if you want that others can view your background programs running in your system without allowing them to have access to it, the best application to do so is ClearLock.

ClearLock is a small size freeware application that provides kind of transparent layer to your desktop so that others can view your background programs running in your system but they are unable to have access to your system without knowing correct password. This app barely consumes any main memory of your system.

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All you need to do is to first download ClearLock from the link provided at the end of the article. As this is a portable application, just click on ClearLock.exe to run it. Before locking your system, it will ask you to set password. After this, your system will be locked. You can see that your computer will be locked but still you can view all the background programs running on your system. To unlock your system, you will have to enter correct password. If some other person tries to unlock your system in your absence and if he will enter wrong password for three times, then he will be unable to enter to enter password for next 5 minutes, so no need to worry.

If by mistake, you forgot the password you entered, I know probability is very less, there is no need to worry. Just go to ClearLock folder and delete the ini file present there, it will reset your old password. Next time you will open ClearLock, it will again ask you to enter new password.

The one big drawback of this app which I noticed, you can call this as a bug in it, is that if you have entered wrong password for 3 times, you can access Windows Task Manager after this and Windows Task Manager allows you to end process, so anyone can unlock your system if he knows this.

ClearLock is a freeware application and is compatible with Windows Vista and 7.

Download ClearLock


  1. jonasjustice says

    Is there a method to change/remove the “clearlock” logo at the login, and replace it with something like a company logo? I did not see it as an option in any of the configuration settings, but you can set a custom background image in these settings. Could changing the login logo be an option that is accessed in a different way?

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