Transparent Right Click Context Menu

We have already written many tips on customizing right click content menu like adding entries in right click menu, cleaning up right click menu by removing useless entries, Today we will tell you about another small portable free utility which allows you to make your right click menu transparent.


This little application is called Transparent Context Menu, it is really handy and very useful to apply this little tweak on your right click menu and make it transparent as you run this application. It will show up in system tray as a small icon which you can right click to change the transparency level as per you preference.


You can not set the transparency level less than 25, as it wont be transparent below this value.

Note: The only problem we faced is how to quit this utility, then we realised that clicking the close button the application configuration settings close or else you can close this application form task manager.

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Download Transparent Right Click Context Menu

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