Translation, Automated Voice Reading Of Text Messages On Android Phone

You must have seen a number of android applications which perform real time text to speech conversion and other applications translate the text into a language that you desire. Google Translate is one such application that translates the text to other languages and is very popular among users. All these features are great but we always search for applications that can perform different tasks at the same time.

SMS Speaker Translating is the next interesting application from our Android section and will definitely be liked by you once you try it out. SMS Speaker Translating, as the name suggests converts the text present in SMS to speech. At the same time another feature of translating the text performs its function and displays the translated text just below the actual message. So the application solves two purposes:

  • First, it converts the text into a language of your choice and
  • Second it speaks out the translated text simultaneously

The application is available for free on Android Market and is simple in almost every aspect. Whether it’s the settings page or the very first screen, the app will not bring any complications along with it. The very first screen is where the user gets to choose between whether he or she wants to translate All SMS or Unread SMS. But before you start using it, one should make changes in the settings menu according to his or her liking.

In the settings one should first choose the language which the messages are supposed to be translated in, from the Your Language menu. The reading speed could also be set from slow to fast as per your convenience. The pitch is another very important where the pitch of speaking could be altered from slow to fast again.

SMS Speaker TranslatingSMS Speaker Translating1

To translate the desired message, simply scroll through all the messages select the message and hit the Read button present at the bottom of the screen where the translated message is displayed in text. The moment you hit the Read button, the app starts speaking out the message. The images below will explain how the message looks like. Since I chose French as the translating language, so the SMS text has been translated in the same.

SMS Speaker Translating2SMS Speaker Translating3

We definitely want you to download and use the application since it is impressive enough and will be useful.

Download SMS Speaking Translating – [Android Market]

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