Translate Text Using Keyboard Shortcut In Any Application or Window

You may have experienced a scenario where you are surfing on the web and while going through one of the websites, you experience that text given on that website is in some other language which you don’t know and understand. So, in such situations one of the methods which almost everyone uses is Google Translator for translating the text in a language known by the user. As we all know that Google translator is pretty useful for viewing web pages in another language, but it takes up lot of time for the user to copy-paste the text in a different tab or window in order to translate it. So, what if instead of doing all this step, you can translate the text without having to open Google Translator? For this, we recommend you a small utility which can prove to be very useful in above mentioned scenarios.

DualClip Translator is basically a small, easy to use, useful and a freely available open source utility which has been specially developed for translating the selected text, pulling results from Google or Microsoft’s translation engines. By using this utility, you may observe that the translated output text is shown either in a system tray balloon, or in a different pop-up window, which may be very useful for the user as results are directly shown. So, for using this utility, you may set a preferred language for text to be translated into, and you may also specify or change hot keys for different functions such as translate, change the original text, copy the translated text, paste translated text to clipboard, screen capture etc. in order to view the complete translated text along with all the editing options.


This utility can be easily downloaded from the link given below and can be easily installed in few steps. After installing, you may start with it, firstly by setting the preferences of DualClip by right-clicking its system tray icon and choosing Options. Once selected, you may observe that in these Options, first of all you need to set the Preferred and Dual language, which shows that you want the text to be converted in this language. After this, you need to define Google or Microsoft as the translation service, which shows from which database engines you want the results. After this you may observe that under View Result of Translation, you may choose the option which defines whether you want the translation to appear in Balloon or in a separate Window as discussed above. Along with this, you can also change the window size, font and OCR’s (Optical Character Recognition) dpi and language according to your needs and requirements.

As mentioned above, you can anytime use this application just with the hot keys also. For this, you need to just select a foreign language text, and press Alt+C to view its translation or you may also change these hot keys according to your needs and requirements. Along with this, one more feature is there which allows even the foreign language text in clipboard to be translated. For this, you need to select the text and use Alt+X to translate and replace the original text.


Finally, in order to save the translated result in a text file, you need to right-click on the DualClip’s system-tray icon and click Save. The Screen Capture function only has English and Spanish language support at the moment, but the developers are planning to include support for more languages in future releases. So, just download it and try it on your own.

Download DualClip

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