Make Windows Look Like Mac OS X

We generally use Windows as it is widely spread in our country and we usually avoid to work on any other OS as then we will have to change all the tools which we used initially on our OS and then all the options in toolbar, menubar or in the context menu will change. But still there is a feature which are embedded in these OS, specially MAC OS which attracts us. Today i will be reviewing a tool which is nothing but a transformation pack knows as Snow Transformation Pack and will help you to take a taste of MAC OS with altering any feature of your Windows OS.

The most attracting feature of MAC OS is its looks and appearance which is very much cool to work on. This transformation pack will help you change all the appearance of the Windows to MAC OS and then your OS will look exactly similar to the Macintosh. All the folders icons, the scroll bar, title bar and many more features will be changed as per MAC OS.

8-14-2010 10-30-12 AM

This transformation will make you see the exact look of MAC, as the color and the style of your title mar, menu bar and scroll bar will change. Besides this you will also see that the taskbar has been shifted on the top and the start button which was represented by Windows sign has been replaced by Apple. The appearance of the desktop has been shown in the snapshot above. You will also have an additional feature knows as RV dock which will help you to launch some of the application with a click, it looks very beautiful and the the snapshot of this tool has been shown below.

8-14-2010 10-29-27 AM

The size of this freeware is around 30Mbs and it will take some time to get downloaded. As soon as you launch this tool it will show you the background image of the transformation pack, before initiating the installation it will tell you to switch OFF UAC and then it will tell you to reboot the system. After you you reboot it, it will install all the files and then after completing the installation it will again ask for the reboot. Now the next time you start your system it will show you the appearance of the MAC OS.

8-14-2010 9-00-22 AM

This tool is compatible on the all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Snow Transformation Pack 1.0


  1. Viking says

    A Question. Will this transformation pack allow back and forth movement between a Mac view of the screen and the original windows view, or is the only way back through a set recovery point from prior to installation?


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