Transform Ubuntu User Interface To Windows 7 Look and Feel

Windows 7 has been launched for public today by microsoft, as claimed is the most stable and faster operating system released by microsoft till date, windows 7 has a clean user interface which looks sleek and beautiful. Today we are going to discuss about transformation pack for ubuntu which lets you convert the look nd feel of ubuntu to look like windows 7. It includes some nice wallpapers, windows 7 sound, cursor themes, GDM theme, windows 7 Icons, dockbar, panel background etc.

Here are some screenshots taken after applying windows 7 transformation pack on ubuntu



Here is a complete procedure on how to apply this windows 7 transformation pack on ubuntu, previously we have written about  Windows Seven Transformation Packs, Vista To Windows 7 Transformation Pack, XP To Windows 7 Transformation Pack and Vista to MAC OS X Transformation Pack

Download Windows 7 Transformation Pack [ Source Redmondpie ]     

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