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When I have to study, I think its better if someone read my chapters for me rather than reading them myself. Or the situation may be, I have to present a speech in front of audience, and I have to verify the time limit at different speeds. And testing it many times is very time consuming. Many a times we need to check different pronunciations. Though dictionaries can help, but a separate utility for every purpose makes the task cumbersome. So, the better option for all these problems is that your system may provide you the audio for the text. Balabolka is one such software to resolve the problems.

Balabolka is a freeware of 5.1 MB. It is used to convert the text to the audio format. The snapshot given below will help you to understand, how to use it.


Now, the first step is to enter the text. You can either type the text if it is new or open an existing file (pdf, doc or txt etc.). If you have typed the text, you can save it as the text file (*.txt) or Balabolka Text Documnet (*.bxt). Now, you can listen to the audio of the text. Press the play button after entering the text. You can also play a selected part. For that, select the text and click on Read Selected Text. If you simply click the play button, it will start reading after the selected text. The colour will keep on changing for the text that has been read. It has been shown in the snapshot below.


You can save the audio file in 8 different formats. They are listed below:

  1. Wave Audio Files (*.wav)
  2. MP3 Format Sound (*.mp3)
  3. Ogg Vorbis Audio (*.ogg)
  4. Windows Media Audio (*.wma)
  5. MPEG-4 Files (*.mp4)
  6. MPEG-4 Audio (*.m4a)
  7. MPEG-4 Audiobook (*.m4b)
  8. AMR-WB Files (*.awb)

You can use the software to convert into an audio file in large number of languages like English, Bulgarian, Italian, Spanish etc. The use of various languages has been clearly shown in the snapshot below.

Program Manager_2010-11-09_07-33-17

There are a large number of other options provided by balabolka. They are:

  • Split and convert to audio files: The text will be divided according to paragraphs and a separate audio file for each one.
  • You can configure the voice.
  • Pronunciations can be changed.
  • Spelling errors can be checked.
  • Bookmarks can be inserted.
  • Rate, Pitch and volume can be changed.
  • Fonts and colours of the text can be modified.
  • Timer can be used.

After reading the review of the utility, you would surely like to use it. The freeware is compatible with Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista/ 7.

Download Balabolka

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