Transform Firefox Into Google Chrome – Step By Step Guide | Convert Firefox Toolbar Buttons Like In Google Chrome | Add Aero Glass Interface In Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the amazing browsers which makes the browsing experience so fast and smooth if you compare it with firefox or any other browsers, but when it comes to handling big numbers of tabs it crashes very often so people like me still stick to firefox.

But google chrome interface looks very cool, it would be great if we can convert the firefox interface to look like google chrome and then I get to know about this free firefox theme called Chromifox which makes firefox look like chrome.


Chromifox is a bright and soft blue theme for Firefox on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, inspired by the appearance of the Google Chrome browser and its open source roots, Chromium.

Just in case if you just want to convert the toolbar buttons in firefox like google chrome then you can use a similar addon called Chromifox Companion  and in order to add aero glass interface on google chrome you can use another addon called ChromiGlass


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    nice one. I have loved firefox for its features and chrome for its simplicity. Now I have option to use them both. Nice abhishek. (By the way, don you think this post should have better title.)

    Anyways, Nice article to transform firefox to chrome.

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