Transfer Windows Media Player Library Metadata To Winamp

Winamp is one of the best music player around which is used by many people to manage their music, and those who shift from windows media player to winamp may have their entire music library organised in windows media player.

In order to import a windows media player library in winamp, you can use a free plug-in allows you to import the Windows Media Player library into Winamp, including all metadata that is only stored in the library, such as ratings and play counts.

To access the plug-in, go to the File menu of Winamp’s Media Library or main window (or click the Library button) and select Import from Windows Media Player.


A dialog will appear, where you can choose the import source (what files should be imported), set various options, and start the importing process.


You have additional options like

Import all audio and video files – Choose this option to import all audio and all video files of the WMP library into Winamp.

Import all audio files – Choose this to import all audio, but no video files.

Import all video files – Choose this to import all video, but no audio files.

Only import audio and video files from the selected playlist - This option will only import files that are in a specific WMP playlist. You can select the playlist to import by using the drop-down list (right below this option), which contains all the playlists in the WMP library.

Download Windows Media Player Import plug-in for Winamp

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