Transfer, Move Android Installed Apps From Phone Memory To SD Card & Vice Versa

The topic that we are going to talk about today is a more of a problem and it was later overcome with the development made in the Android OS. We all know that before the Android 2.3, there was a Android 2.2 and before this there was another version and so on. So basically the list features a number of evolved versions and with every new version offering a number of new features and advancements for the users.

A similar type of feature is what we are going to discuss today. Making you more aware of the versions of Android before the recent Gingerbread, we had Android 2.2 codenamed as Android Froyo which was a major  improvement over the Android Éclair or the older version you can say.

All the Android based mobile phones have a limited storage capacity on the phone for applications other than a SD card and whatever application is installed, by default occupies some space in the Phone memory. The problem arose when the phone used to run out of memory and no space was left for new applications. This was overcome with the newer versions where we get the feature of moving applications from phone memory to SD card in one single click.

Now I would explain the step by step procedure to move an application from the memory of phone to SD card:

Andorid move applications

  • Click on the settings button and go to manage applications.

Andorid move applications 1

  • Here you the would come across all the applications installed on your phone, of which some are transferrable to SD memory while some are not. So one has to see which could be moved by clicking on the desired application.

Andorid move applications 2

  • Once you click on the application, you come to the above screen where the option Move to SD Card is already highlighted. Simply click on it and your application will be moved.

If you didn’t knew this feature, better start exploring it today as it would help you free up space and keep your phone perfect.

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