Use iPhone File System Like A USB Flash Removable Drive

iPhone USB Explorer is a free to use software which allows to read and write files over iPhone USB drive, we had posted about several other file explorer for iPhone like iPhone Explorer, i-Funbox and some other tips to mount iPhone as local drive on your computer.

Today we will tell you about another similar program called iPhone USB Explorer will help you use your jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad as a USB drive to store any data. You can also change the system files on your device for customizing themes and other elements. iPhone USB Explorer is portable (no installation required) and is faster than any other way of transferring files to your device.


Key Features Of iPhone USB Explorer

  • Free and portable (no installation required)
  • Faster transfer speed than iTunes and all other programs on the internet
  • Copy/move and delete multiple files with progress indicator
  • Officially supports Windows 7 without any bugs
  • Supports iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Download iPhone USB Explorer

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