Transfer Files In Between Mac OS and Windows Running On Virtual Machine

Recently after my windows laptop goes dead I was bound to use, windows on macbook pro. I used the parallels to install windows 7 as virtual image on my macbook pro. After some work I felt the need to transfer the files in between windows 7 and mac os, but then I came to know that in order to do the file transfer in between these 2 operating system I need to install parallels tools.

In order to install parallels tools, you will need to click parallels icon in the dock and then go to virtual machine >> install parallels tools    


In the above image you can get the idea how you have to install parallels tools, in your case there will be an entry saying Install Parallels Tools – Make sure to insert the parallels cd as it is required to install parallels tools

After installing parallels tools, navigate to Virtual Machine >> Configure – here you will find the shared folders where you can specify what folder you want to share from mac and virtual windows. [ as shown in the image below ]


You can specify the some folders on your mac os which you would like to access from virtual windows


  1. David says

    I am using a windows 7 i am trying to send files from my windows to a virtual mac using VMware. The virtual mac i’m using is tiger x 86. I have tried many things but can not figure out how to send the files. If you have any fix please send it to

    Thank you so much

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