Transfer DVD Movies To Computer Hard Drive As ISO Image With BDlot DVD ISO Master

Downloading and using media files from the web and other sources have nowadays become quite common and popular too. Movies, clips and other video files in various formats are downloaded, used and transferred from one computer to another. But sometimes some of the video files or movies which are in high quality especially DVD, takes lot of memory in your computer. For this, what you can do is just rip the DVD movies into ISO images and then can burn these ISO images onto a DVD or can simply store them in your computer. Although, there are many utilities available on the web which can be used for the above mentioned scenario but the one which we are discussing today has some distinct features and is lot better than the previous ones of its kind.

BDlot DVD ISO Master is basically a small, useful and easy to use free DVD ripping software which is available as a freeware and can be easily downloaded and installed. It allows the user to easily convert the DVD movies into ISO files and then the user may also burn ISO images to DVD using this utility. As said earlier, it can be easily downloaded from the link provided below and then installation of the program is pretty easy and straightforward which should not cause any issues. After installing it, as you launch the program for the very first time, you may observe that you are presented with one of the two existing configuration screens and the DVD to ISO screen is enabled by default.


Once you see the window, then you may select the source DVD which you want to convert and that too in a very simple way, by clicking on the arrow which is present at the end of the Source DVD form and the location for the target ISO image. For all the other details and settings, you may observe that automatically care will be taken. You can leave the remaining settings activated as there is no need to change or alter them. Some of these settings are such as, they remove the DVD region code, FBI warnings and anti-piracy ads that cannot be skipped or fast-forwarded, CSS encryption and checks for Disney’s fake protection. So, overall you don’t have to bother about these settings.

After this, what all you need is to just simply click on the ‘Run’ option which automatically initiates the process, a progress bar indicates the conversion progress and the amount of file which has been converted. This conversion speed depends largely on the read speed of the DVD drive and a few additional factors like the computer utilization during the process, Ram which is present in your computer, etc.


After the conversion, the DVD is stored by the tool into the selected target directory. After this, users can directly mount those converted ISO image directly to view it in a DVD-capable media player on the computer, or burn it again to disc.

So, overall we may say that this is really a helpful tool if you are looking to save various DVD movies in your system or for converting them into back-up disks. Just download it from the below given link to give it a try.

Download BDlot DVD ISO Master

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