Transfer, Copy or Upload Files, Photos, Video To iPad, iPhone, PSP, Android Phones & Other Portable Devices

When you start filling up the memory card of your mobile phones, then it really takes lots of time because you need to put all the files in their respective folder. For Example, all the audio files needs to be in a single folder and then all the video files are supposed to be separated from the audio files and to be kept in a separate folder. That is the reason due to which most of users hesitate to update list of songs and videos in their mobile or any other portable devices. But we have a solution to this problem which can be called as SLMobile Uploader.


You can see the screenshot of the tool right above this paragraph. You can see that in the first field it has got the name of the device which is connected to the system. Now you will just have to add the files in the middle of the application windows and they will be added in the log, and then you will just have to press the Upload button which will automatically upload the files on to your portable device. That’s the best part of this tool. Now you will not have to roam to other folders again and again to put the files in them for your mobile phones.

This tool works with all the phones and Apple iPods also. But the only condition is that you will have to install the iTunes for putting the files in the Apple Product. The size of this tool is around 15 MB (little heavy) and it get installed quickly, as soon as you launch this tool it will scan the system for any portable device attached to it and then you can add the files by the Add files option seen in the application window.

This tool works comfortably with all the version of Windows as it has been tested with Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit. The link to download this tool has been mentioned at the bottom of the post, just click and then you will be able to download it without getting navigated to another page. Please write to us if you are unable to use this freeware for any reason, just remember to put them as your comments below the post.

Download SLUploader

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