Transfer, Copy Flickr Photos To Your Computer Locally On Hard Disk

Photos and images have become one of the most common and popular medium of entertainment and they are frequently exchanged and transferred through internet. Various social networking websites provide features in which you may upload and download these images and photos which nowadays have become very common. Google also provide this facility of uploading and sharing photos through Picasa. Recently, Google changed its free photo hosting storage limit to unlimited and that too with a maximum resolution of 2048*2048 for the Google+ users. Due to this new feature many users have start migrating their photos from other services to this Google Picasa.

Now, for the users who want to migrate their photos from one service provider to another we present one of the tool which may prove to be useful. This tool is meant especially for Flickr or Facebook users who can make use of this excellent tool named as Fotobounce to transfer their photos. This tool is basically a photo organizer which is very versatile in nature and supports downloading of all photos hosted on either of the two named above photo hosting service.


But in order to install this utility Adobe Air is required. This tool is only needed to migrate the accounts from one service provider to another and for this one can install the program, download all the photos and uninstall it again when the migration is completed.

This tool also provides the options to log in to your social networking sites such as Facebook and Flickr which are displayed on the left sidebar of the window, once you start up the application. First of all as soon as the user clicks on the login button, it launches a new window where the user is asked to enter the login credentials for the selected service which the user wants and to allow the application access to it.


Once the authorization is complete, just a single click on the account name will display all the albums of the user on the screen. On the other hand, it is also possible to change to a photo preview mode in its place. It also provides the facility to download individual albums one after the other, or on the other hand user may also download all the photos at once. Just like any other icon, a simple right-click on any album or photo displays a context menu with the options to download the selected file or album to the user’s system.

So, simply download and install the application and try it out by downloading the albums or photos from one of your account and then uploading it to some other account.

Download Fotobounce

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