Track, Record Time Spent On Projects On Mac OS X

A lot of people who do freelance work or contractual projects for companies charge their clients on a premium hourly rate, which makes it necessary for the time spent on the project to be monitored closely and as accurately as possible.

TimeMon is a small utility which acts as a logbook for your personal projects and automatically measures the time you spent on it.

To start tracking time spent on a particular project, create a new one by clicking the ‘+’ sign on the bottom left corner of the window. Add a suitable name for the project. If you want to finish the whole project in one go, you can track time under the project head you just created, or if you plan to have multiple sittings in which you will complete the project, then you can create an entry for each sitting by clicking the same ‘+’ icon, and dragging and dropping the newly created label onto the project head. In this manner, you can keep a log of all sittings devoted to a single project under the same head, and classify sittings for multiple project without any ambiguity.

To start tracking time, click on the project name (or sub-project heading) and click ‘Clock In’. This starts the timer. When you are done with the project or your current sitting, click the ‘Clock Out’ button. When you finish a sitting, the time duration for it is archived. If you want to add any additional comments related to the specific session, right click on it and click ‘Get Info’. You can add your comments under the ‘Notes’ section, and click ‘Save’.

In addition to this, you can also accommodate for breaks in between a session. For example, if you leave your desk for a while to take care of some other chores and you do no want that time to be counted in the project duration, you can do so by simply clicking the ‘Break’ button in between a session. When you return to your desk, you can click ‘Resume’ to start the timer again. The session will now contain only the time for which you were at your desk working and not the time that you were taking a break.

Overall, TimeMon is a great tool for anybody who wishes to monitor and keep track of their time, or trying to make a schedule for themselves by allotting specific time slots to a particular activity.

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