Trace, Find iPhone In Silent Mode With Find My iPhone For Free

There are times when you may place your iphone some where your house or office and as you were busy with some other work you forget where you placed your iphone, it happens to me many times when I forget where I kept my iphone 4 and then I start finding it, then the major problem which happen to me is that if I try ringing it, it wont make sound as I have a habit of keeping my iphone in silent mode most the time, I know its not a good habit, please read on further.

Now, in order to find my iphone which is already in silent mode and is actually near by me I have two methods, the first one is first find the most likely location where your iphone could be and stop all other sound sources and ring it by calling your phone number from some other phone.

Another better way is to find iphone using find my iphone, which is a default feature built into iOS 5 or later and it’s the free too and with this feature you can find all the apple device inlcuding iPhone, iPad or iPod touch , some important things you need to note down is in order locate your device it must be turned on, location service must be on, and the good thing is that you can make phone ring or produce sound with this free service from apple.

Follow the procedure to know how to locate your iphone which is in silent mode.

1. First login to – you will need to login here with the apple id you use on your apple device


2. Once you are logged in, it will show you the physical geo location of your iphone as shown in the image below, in case it does not locate your device click Find My iPhone icon with green radar symbol.

found my lost iphone

3. Now clicking in the I symbol, you will see the options to Play Sound or Send Message to your iphone or any other apple device as shown in the image below.

play a sound in iphone

Once you select the option to send message or play the sound, you will see the message box where you can type your message.

play a sound remotely on iphone

When you receive the message on your iphone, ipad it will appear as shown in the image below.


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