Touch Phone Screen To Do Copy and Paste With Sparsh

SPARSH says that your body can be a media to transfer any file from any device to any other device. Pranav from MIT, says that you can transfer anything from any device to any other device with the help of two touches. Now if you do not believe me then you can go for watching a video which has been embedded below in the post. Now I will not surely say that your body becomes a media to transfer that information copied from a device to another but there is some logic behind it.

Now if the video, you can see that, if you want to copy any image from a phone to any other phone, then you will just have to tough that image and file, one you touch that file on the first mobile, that image gets copied and then once you touch any other device like a mobile and touch-equipped laptop or any other tablet, then it will be copied to that device. Similarly, you want to copy any phone number from your laptop to your mobile, then just select it and then touch the screen of your mobile phone, this number will be automatically typed on the screen.

The best thing I can get out from this is that, SPARCH might be a tool which allocates you some space on cloud drive and once you touch any file from on your device it quickly uploads it on that drive and then once you touch any other device which is also equipped with the same tool, it will extract that file or piece of information from that drive and then paste it on the other device. Now the question arises that how the second device knows that from which drive it has to extract the data.

Pranav has got something really interesting to show to the world and thinking of copying any piece of file like holding it from one device and then putting it onto another device makes me impatient. You can go for visiting the website as mentioned below in the link wherein you will get some more information about this.


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