TopMostToggle – Make Any Opened Window – Stay On Top of All Other Windows With Ctrl+Right Mouse Click

TopMostToggle is a free to use and a small little application which lets toggle any opened windows stay on top of all others windows, just by pressing Ctrl+Right mouse click on the window which you want to make stay on top or topmost


When ever you right click any window, you will see the message box saying Topmost For Window – Opened Window NameEnabled or Disabled depending whether that application is topmost already or not.

This application can really solve the issue of some windows always have the weird behaviour of being displayed as topmost. 

Download TopMostToggle


  1. says

    When you write about a utility, could you please link to the real page instead of the zip file?

    First, it’s a pain to search for the real homepage, and secondly direct links go out of date when a new version is released, making your article inaccurate.

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