Toggle Turn Off /On Laptop Display Screen In Mouse Click

Our system has a feature of sleep so that when we do not want to shut down our system even after a very long span of time then we can give rest to the hard disk of our system. We also have a feature of automatic ‘switching off’ of the LCD screen or your monitor when your system is idle, as to save the consumed electricity. In case of your Desktops, you can easily turn off your monitor screens with the help of a button available on the screen but in laptops you do not have it. So, today we will be solving this problem yours by giving you a tool which will help you to do this even in case of laptops and this tool is named as Turn off LCD.


Now this tool will help you to manually turn off your laptop screen, as any time when you are leaving your laptop idle then you can use this tool to turn your laptop off. Now, this is something which is a very small feature and can be used by anyone and anywhere. The size of this tool is very small i.e. around 60 Kbs and obviously it is portable, so you just need to carry it in your USB drive and then you can use it anywhere and on anyone’s system. Sometimes it happens that Monitor Turn ON/OFF key is located at a weird location, so then again you can use this tool for this problem.

Now let me tell you something different about this tool that this tool does not has any application window and that is the reason of showing the icon of the tool instead of showing you its application window. Simply double click this icon shown above and then your screen will be turned off. So, in order to use it just create a desktop shortcut icon on the screen and then launch it to turn off your screen. It is so simple to use just launch the application, it will not ask about any permission and then it will turn off your screen and whenever you want to revert back then just move your mouse and then you will be back to your screen again.

So, from next time whenever you are leaving your system idle, then double click this tool which will turn off your screen. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Turn Off LCD

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