Toggle Hidden Files In Windows Via Context Menu Right Click

One of our reader asked us how can he quickly toggle to show hidden files and folders settings in windows, as we all know the process to show hidden files and folders in windows is quite tedious.

The normal process to toggle show hidden files and folders on and off is through windows explorer in which you need to first navigate to File Menu >> Tools >> Folder Options and then click the view tab and then uncheck or check the settings show hidden files and folders

What if you can quickly toggle hidden files and folders in windows via right click context menu, HiddenFilesToggle is a free shell extension for windows which works on windows xp, vista and windows 7 also which will add a new entry to the right click context menu which lets you toggle hide files in windows

This option in the right click context menu gives you the ability to toggle the display of hidden files on and off. This extension is very useful for those who frequently have to change this setting show hidden files and folders.


This small shell extension makes possible to turn off show hidden files and folders directly from your mouse right click.

This shell extension comes as a installer package, so you can opt not to start this shell extension with system startup and can uninstall it any time from the list of installed programs.

You can also read another trick which involves a executable togglehiddenfiles.exe which lets you turn on / off hidden files in window 

Download HiddenFilesToggle


  1. busy says

    thanks so much for this. i was using another one for windows 7 you had to shift click to get the menu, then you had to refresh the window for the files to show/be hidden. it was a mess. this solves everything, you rock!

  2. S.Singh says

    Hey, tried this but it did not work on my Win 7 PC.

    It worked great on my Vistas and XPs.

    Great job but i hope you update it with a fix for win 7.


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