Toggle, Enable Full Screen WordPress Editor To Write Blog Post

Recently, when I was editing some blog post by any author in wordpress editor online on one of our wordpress based blog, I found an option in wordpress editor which allows you to see the editor in full screen mode, I found the full screen mode quite useful, without any distractions while writing blog post on the online wordpress editor. Normally the wordpress editor looks like as shown in the image below without the full screen mode active.

11-22-2010 6-16-05 PM

Follow the procedure below to know how to enable wordpress editor in full screen mode in any internet browser you are using.

In the wordpress online editor where you write blog post, on the toolbar above the editor you will see a small icon the blue color screen icon as shown in the image below.

11-22-2010 6-09-35 PM

Once you click on the this small icon, the wordpress editor it will hide all the other wordpress options and will show you post editor only in full screen the browser as shown in the image below.

11-22-2010 6-17-19 PM

The full screen mode editor can be really time saving as it is best mode to write a blog post with out any distractions.

Tip: Press Alt+Shift+H to toggle on or off the full screen wordpress post editor

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