Toggle Desktop Icons Visibility With HideDesktopIcons

Some times you may have such a great or amazing wallpaper like the one shown below, that you may not want to spoil the look with desktop icons being shown in the screen shot below this text, but desktop icons could be really useful so you may need them quickly launching the apps for which you have created these shortcuts.


In such a case there is freeware program which solves the program as it allow you hide or show the desktop icons very easily, the application name is HideDesktopIcons. Although we have reviewed another application called Hide Icons which also allows you to make desktop icons invisible.

Below is another screen shot of the desktop after making the desktop icons invisible.


I sure you must have like the second screen shot and you know why :D , without the desktop icons being shown as when the desktop icons are gone the beauty of the wallpaper comes out. I would suggest you to keep the shortcut of HideDesktopIcons in the taskbar so that you can quickly access it, or keep it in the quick launch if you are using Vista or XP. This little application runs on all windows.  

Download HideDesktopIcons

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