Toggle, Change Playback Audio Devices From Windows Taskbar Quickly Easily

In today’s fast world, it is not rare for people to be multitasking. Not even on the computer which as it is, has become an impeccable part of our lives. At a given instant of time, you might be working on a handful of applications and many a times when these applications are dealing with audio and sounds, You must have found it pretty annoying to switch between different audio devices while simultaneously working on a number of applications which require separate audio devices. Considering for example, one may need to use 5.1 surround sound speakers or working with an editing app or watching a movie(using a vlc player) but may prefer using an inbuilt system driver for watching videos in the pc through headphones.

We have previously tried a successful hand at solving this problem through the quicksoundswitch which allows switching between different studio devices conveniently from the system tray but if you are among those who always want something better,then you wouldn’t want to miss the new open source vista audio changer. It is a system tray application which is capable of automatically changing the default sound output device as per the requirements for the current application and please don’t go by the name VistaAudioChanger. The app work as well for windows7 as it does for vista. to make your work quicker still, you can even assign hotkeys to jump from one device to another. We are sure about this fact because we have tried this software on windows7 .

For a quick toggle between the audio devices or  to access advanced settings, you just have to click on the vista audio changer icon from your system tray.


The device order button can be used for conveniently viewing and managing the order of the connections of audio devices.from the menu on the right side,  you can also remove any device and even assign hotkeys to important devices.


With the hotkey scrolling tab you can set hotkeys for a quick switch between the next and the previous device.

So to round up all we want to say is that all the computer lovers who like to play a lot with sound systems and devices would like this software a lot as it enables them to conveniently switch between different devices related to sound output of different applications.

Vista Audio Changer Download

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