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Managing your tasks is something very important, and there is no better way to do it than an application on your Mac. I’ve reviewed 2 other similar to-do apps in the past, Anxiety and Ticky. While both of these were outstanding apps because of unique features, PhiToDo takes task management and to-do to a whole new level. PhiToDo does not deserve to be called an application, it is rather a complete task management suite, with extensive and thorough features.

PhiTodo is all about managing your tasks with ease, on the go. It requires you to sign up for a free account on their website, after which all your tasks and projects are synced to the cloud online, and you can access them anywhere. They are automatically saved, and this also saves you from the hassle of backups.

Task Management
PhiTodo has a hierarchy for tasks. You can create different projects. Tasks are placed under those projects. Or you can have independent tasks too. The left side pane of the app displays a timeline, using which you can filter your apps to view old ones, or the most recent ones. There is also another view called Projects view, in which the left pane displays Projects, while the right pane displays tasks in a project.

For each task, you can define a number of attributes, such as –

  1. Project under which the task is listed
  2. End Date
  3. Percentage Completion
  4. Score
  5. Detailed description

These attributes of a task are unique to PhiTodo, I’ve never seen any other app offer such a detailed view of a task before. Attributes such as score can prove to be very helpful while prioritizing tasks, and judging their completion.

Social Aspect

Apart from its very useful auto-sync feature, PhiTodo also has an option which lets you share tasks and projects with your friends. Consider a situation where you are working with your friends on a project. Each of your friend performs a specific task in that project, and keeps everyone updated on the status of their task under the same project, just by changing it on his end. The changes will be reflected automatically in everybody else’s app automatically. All of the data is also simultaneously synced to the cloud.

Web Interface

The web interface of PhiTodo is an exact copy of the desktop version, which means you can manage tasks from anywhere in the world, you don’t even need to be on your own computer, you just need a web browser, and you can log-in and check your tasks.

Overall, PhiTodo is a brilliant task management app. It is perfect for anybody who requires complete security and has advanced task management needs. Though PhiTodo is blazing fast, and easy-to-use, being an Adobe AIR application, it uses a bit too much memory for the work it does.

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