Tips To Use Google Search To Solve Mathematical Calculations

Ever wondered you can use google search as a calculator other than google search. In this article, I will show you a feature that many people do not know about google is very powerful calculator right from the search line, you can put any equation you want and has lot of symbols and syntax for very complicated equations including a symbol for speed of light, degree Celsius or tangents or different types of things that you learnt in high school, but you do not remember it, you can be helped by google.

Google adds a new feature almost every year. Couple of years ago, it has got its new feature google calculator. Google calculator is a powerful tool that can perform simple as well as complex calculations. With the help of this feature, you can calculate solve basic mathematics arithmetic, unit of measure, various conversions including length, temperature and even currency conversion.

To do the calculations, just type the query in proper format in the google search and press enter or click on search button and result will be displayed on search result page. Some of the examples of the google calculator are as follows:

Basic maths arithmetic

Simple calculations




Similarly, you can use it as a convert one form to other form.



You can even calculate percentage.


There are many more instructions that you can use it. To know all about the other instructions, follow the given link.

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