[Tip] How To Enable Extra Large Thumbnails In Windows Explorer

Yes, we have heard questions from readers who would like to see big thumbnails of the photos and other files which they see in windows explorer in a folder, as they want to have a better idea about a file or photo without opening the same.

Extra Large Display Thumbnails

On the other hand there are times we have got queries from users when they are not able to video thumbnails in windows. Today we are going to share another tip on thumbnails and this time we will tell you how you can simple enable extra large thumbnails for any folder items which you see in windows explorer and that too without installing any third party software as well.

Preview Extra Large Size Thumbnails in Windows

Normally when you views some photos or other files types, you can have different views of these files in folder like detail, tiles list and so on and you can change display type by clicking an icon which toggle on windows explorer in between different file display modes.

Toggle File Display Modes

Different display modes which can be set for any kind of files in a folder in windows explorer are mentioned in the snapshot below which includes Large and Medium icons.

File Display Modes

One of these modes which is on the top which says Extra Large Icons makes the thumbnails of the files appear in windows explorer much larger and gives better preview in case you have photos in a folder.

extra large icons

But you will have to explicitly select this display mode and by clicking the down arrow over the file icons display mode button.


This kind of display mode can be really suitable for the photos and other items like videos files so that you get a better preview of the photo or video without playing the same.

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