TinyPic + ImageShack Desktop Uploading Tool

You may want to quickly upload pictures from your computer and share with your friends, one of the way to share images online is tinypic.com or imageshack.us both of these web services are quite popular and fast to upload pictures. But in order to upload the image you need to open tinypic website in your internet browser and then locate and upload the images which is quite time consuming and trouble job, same applies with imageshack.us

TinyPic desktop uploader allows you to upload multiple images to tinypic or imageshack very fast and you can quickly share the link with your friends, it will upload and copy the link onto your clipboard.

tinypic imageshack uploader

It provides so many features other than just being a uploader tool like it copies the image link to clipboard, also allows you to capture and then upload a screenshot, take window screenshots only etc.

Key Features of TinyPic Image Uploader

  • Send multiple files in a queue
  • Crop an area of the screen
  • Send existing files via context-menu (32-bit only), selecting them from a dialog, or dragging them to the application window
  • Capture the active window when you press F11
  • Select a window from currently running applications via Aero live thumbs (Vista and W7 only)
  • Send your clipboard contents (image)
  • Send to either Tinypic or Imageshack, and get the direct link copied to your clipboard automatically
  • Auto-resize pictures and/or lower quality automatically if file exceeds a given size, to speed-up uploads on slow connections (like non-Japanese)
  • Store captures from cropping or paste etc
  • Supports multiple monitors in any configurations (spanned horz/vertically etc)
  • Works in Linux via wine libraries
  • .net framework is NOT required
  • Supports specific Windows 7 features (taskbar progress)
  • Store a log with comments and its link about every upload

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Download TinyPic Uploader

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