Timer and Alarm For Windows [ Software ]

It must have happened that while doing anything important on your system you would have missed any appointment, any meeting or any other important task because no one reminded you of it. This problem may have troubled you a lot but we have a solution to it, which we can call it as Easy Timer.


This simple clock of such a small size (54 Kbs) can solve your problem by acting as an alarm clock or as a reminder, you just need to enter the time span (in form of minutes) in the very first box and rest will be on this tool which will poke you after that span of time.


There are different methods in which you can use this alarm tool. For ex. the snapshot shown above has a default selection of method where an alarm will beep thrice and then it will be automatically deactivated, but if you used the other two options then you can make alarm beep for variable lengths.

And even if you want that this clock should also reminds you of the task that needs to be done at that point of time then you can write a little description about it in the message box and when the alarm gets deactivated it will leave a message at the end typed by you. Thus you can say that it is an alarm cum reminder.


This alarm tool is already equipped with 21 different sounds for alarm, but if you still want to add any other tune or sound to it then you may browse it and add it in the source (keeping in mind that it will support only .wav format) then after setting the alarm tune you can adjust the volume as per your convenience.


It can always be located either on your desktop or you can find it on the tray at your taskbar depending upon the option selected. One of the best feature about this freeware is that there is no need to install this tool as it is just .exe file which needs to be opened and then you can fix an alarm within few clicks so, this feature also makes it a user friendly freeware. this tool is also available in different languages.

This software runs on all the versions of Windows but we have tested it on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit edition.

Download Easy Timer

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