Timely Delete .DS Store Mac Files In Windows

Many of the users are using Macintosh and Windows as well. Today, I am going to present a wonderful tool for all those users. It has been found a common complaint from all the users that few junk files for Windows are created by Mac. The junk files include the files that start with “._” or there may be some “.DS_Store” files. When the user have to frequently transfer the data, it becomes the hurdle. Moreover, you can’t delete them manually everytime. DOT Delete will support you to solve this problem.

DOT Delete is a small freeware of 1.29 MB. It will remove all the junk files for Windows. The utility is very user friendly and performs all the functions automatically. The user interface after the installation has been shown in the snapshot below.


You just have to drag and drop the folder in the space provided. It will search all the Mac generated junk files in few seconds. You don’t have to follow any steps. Drop the folder and the result will be in front of you. There is no option to open or copy paste the folders, so you have to drag it always. One of the result has been shown in the snapshot below.


Now, you can select the option of “Delete All” to delete these junk files. Make sure you check the files before deletion. Sometimes, there may be some of your useful data named in the similar manner. So, be careful that you may not delete any of your useful data. To check properly, you can also check the path. Take the mouse on the file name and the complete path will be displayed to you as shown in the snapshot.

Program Manager_2011-02-02_17-55-09

There is one drawback of the tool. Either you can delete all the files or none of them. So, in case the folder consists of some useful files that are displayed in the results, it will be problematic. You have to either delete the junk files manually or move the required file to some other location and then repeat the process. Otherwise, the tool is very nice. It is like eveything is handled automatically. Just drag and drop and the junk will be deleted in one click only. Now, you don’t have to worry while transferring the data between two operating systems.

The video shown below will help you to have a better understanding of the tool.

The tool has been tested with Windows 7, and will be compatible with the Windows XP and Vista.

Download DOT Delete

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