Timely Delete, Clear Clipboard Contents In Windows

Windows clipboard holds all the text which you copy and paste across browser and other applications, this data could be very some confidentail or private data which can be stolen from windows clipboard. So, in order to protect data from data gets stolen you should clear or clean the windows clipboard manually or automatically

Following are some methods to clear windows clipboard

Manual Method To Clear Windows Clipboard [ For XP Only ]

1. Open Start menu >> run and type clipbrd and then press enter

2. Click Edit >> Delete under file menu to delete all clipboard contents.

3. It will ask now, click yes to confirm to delete all clipboard data

Automatic Method To Clear Windows Clipboard Contents

AutoClipClear [ Via ToThePC ] is a free to use utility for Windows XP Only which can delete the windows clipboard contents. Once this application is running in system tray it will automatically clear the clipboard.

Another utlity which you can use to clean clipboard data is Clear Clipboard [ For XP, Windows 7 and Vista ], below is a simple procedure to use this program.


1. Run Clear Clipboard (click its icon in system tray )
2. After the tool deletes the current clipboard contents the message is displayed
3. Click ‘OK’ to hide the message and close the program

You can add the icon that launches Clear Clipboard to the Quick Launch bar or to your favorite program launcher. We hope atleast one of the program will help you to delete contents of clipboard timely.

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