Timely Clean Temporary Created Files In Windows

We have previously posted about CCleaner which seems to be the best temp file cleaning program till now, cleaning the created temp files by software installed on your computer always increase its operational speed and response time in doing various things.

Recently we found another temp file cleaner which is also quite effective, its called Clean Temporary Places – deletes unused, temporary, hard to find files for you, automatically from certain locations which you check and even custom folder paths which you specify.

It can actually cleans temp files from some locations which are either hard to find or often ignored, it deletes temporary files from various places, Company-wide cleanup policy support, Smart cleanup filter based on folders usage, it can rebuild Windows Prefetch trace files.


Not only it will delete the temp files, but it will also show you the graph of the data being cleaned, you can also add some folder path to the exclusions list which it should not clean up.


You can also see an overview of space being freed on each day using this program in the form of a chart showing deleted temp files size on per day basis.


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Download Clean Temporary Places

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