Thumbnail View Of Image In Right Click Context Menu With Menu Viewer

We all love pictures and often take a lot of pictures with our cameras, So there are times when there are some pictures lying in a folder and the view type is such that you are not getting the idea how does this image actually look, in such a case you can use a free utility called Menu Viewer which will show you a thumbnail image of the image file, as well as its actual dimensions, when you right click in that image file name in windows explorer.  


As shown in the screenshot above it will show you a small thumbnail preview of the image, and also show the actual dimensions of the image. If you click this preview in the right click context menu it will open that image in your image viewer. This application is really useful in getting the preview of any image without opening it.

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This shell extension uses FreeImage, and currently supports: BMP,DDS,Dr. Halo,GIF,HDR,ICO,IFF,JBIG,JNG,JPEG/JIF,KOALA,LBM,Kodak, PhotoCD,MNG,PCX,PBM,PGM,PNG,PPM,PhotoShop,Raw Fax G3,SGI,Sun RAS,TARGA,TIFF,WBMP,XBM,XPM

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