Thumbnail View Of Current Opened Tabs In Google Chrome

Almost all of us are sitting on internet 24X7. And it is obvious that we will not be using just one tab. At the same time, we have many tabs like facebook, youtube and like other websites related to the project on some other issues. Now, making the projects and accessing the social networking sites like facebook and others may create confusion in handling between various tabs. So, chrome has presented a wonderful google chrome extension called as Tabs Visual Manager. It will help you manage all the tabs in your own way. It will make your task simple for you when you are using a number of tabs simultaneously.

Tabs Visual Manager is a free chrome extension. You can easily install it for your browser just by clicking on the install button as shown in the snapshot below.


The extension will be present on the top right corner after the installation as shown in the snapshot below.


As soon as you click on the the icon of this extension a new tab will be opened as shown in the snapshot. It will display all the current tabs you are using. The recent tab you are using will be highlighted by the tag “You Are Here”. As shown Technix Update is the recent tab being used.


You may say that the tabs themself give a brief description. But it is the prime requirement when you are using a large number tabs. At that time the tabs are very small, and we can’t know exact location of that tab. Specially, when you have opened number of pages on the same website, it will be of great help.

One of the major problem with browsers is that we can’t select whether we want a popup or a new tab. But now we can manage that with the help of this tab. Right click on the icon and select options. The options displayed in the snapshot below will be presented to you. You can select your choice. Click on Save to enjoy the changes.

Tabs Manager Options - Google Chrome_2011-02-08_08-29-50

After reading about the description of the tabs view manger, you would have found this extension to be very useful. It will manage all the tabs, The switching between various tabs is quite simple. Just select the tab from the visual display makes the task very easy. And now, you would really like to install the extension for your browser also. Go ahead, install and enjoy working even with the large number of tabs easily.

Install Tabs Visual Manager

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