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December 28, 20084 Comments

It is very common when people run various types of competition on their blogs and websites, many times the winners for such competition are chosen randomly out of all the participants

In such a case The Hat is a small FREE program which allows you to perform the lucky draw for all the names of the participants and get some winners out of them.


The Hat is a simple but effective utility which offers a cool and easy way to automatically determine a random name from the list of names you specify.

The program interface id quite simple, Lets see how can you use this free program to decide winners for a randomly out of a list.

The Hat is a FREE to use program but the installer for The Hat comes bundled with a Adware toolbar which you can choose not to install during the setup.

Installation Instructions For The Hat

At the time of installation of The Hat, make sure to uncheck the checkbox which says Install the Harmony Hollow Software Toolbar (recommended)


How To Use The Hat For Lucky Draw

1. After installing The Hat click on the green coloured Add Sign to add names list firstly.



2. Now to shuffle the list of names you can click the Shuffle button any time.


Click the button again to stop the shuffle anytime

3. Now click the Hat symbol and then press the Pick button each time when you want to pick the individuals name from the list.


You can print the results of winners by clicking Print Results button and save the finals chosen names to a file by clicking Save Results to File button.

We have tested the software many times and find out that the chosen names the are different every time, so The Hat is the best free alternative for making random lucky draws of the names.

Download The Hat

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  1. leofelix says:

    Cool, thank you. I’ll use it for my next giveaway:-)

  2. wei says:

    Can I change the picture of “The Hat” because I want to use this program for our christmas event, and I would like to change it to Santa Hat.

  3. abhishek says:

    you cant

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