[ Tested ] Ad Banner Remover Plus – Block Ads In Yahoo Messenger Beta and Fills It Solid Color

Ad Banner Remover Plus is another free application which can remove ads in yahoo messenger 10 beta,  previously we had written a tip on how to remove ads in yahoo messenger 10 beta by replacing the main executable to run yahoo messenger, but this time with this tool you don’t need to replace yahoo messenger 10 beta exe

This small utility supports to remove ads in yahoo messenger beta, it allows you to remove main bottom banner advertisement in main interface of yahoo messenger 10 beta, can also remove or replace chat banner, webcam ads and lets you disable “automatically start yahoo messenger”.


As shown the image above you can remove ads not only form yahoo messenger 10 but this utlity can be used to remove ads from yahoo messenger 10, 9 and 8 effectively.


It will actually list down all the versions of yahoo messenger on which it works to remove ads.

Download Ad Remover Plus [ Thanks BlogsDNA ]

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