Terminate Running Processes From Command Line Using Process Executable Name With CKill

CKill is a free console based windows program which allows you to terminate any running process in windows through its process name or process executable name.


As shown in the image above, CKill allows you to kill any running process using its process name.

For Example to terminate running firefox program, you will need to type the following command. [ as shown in the application snapshot below ]


Once it is completed, you will see the message prompt which will say something like or 1 process killed successfully. It just requires the file name of the process, which shall be terminated, as the argument.

General Usage:
Just execute the tool with the process file name as the argument like this:

ckill notepad.exe

This command kills all opened instances of "notepad.exe".

Download CKill [ Here is how to install this console based program in windows

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