Terminate High Memory Consuming Tabs In Google Chrome With Task Manager

Google chrome is such an amazing fast browser, but as many users complain it crashes so often, and has so many other problems but still those users who like its speed may notice that some of the tabs in google chrome make it really slow in responding due to those high memory consuming tabs.

However you can terminate those high memory consuming heavy tabs in google chrome to make it fast in operation and for a quick response, In order to close such tabs you can use the google chrome task manager which can be opened by press shift + esc key on your keyboard. First locate those tabs which are consuming the high memory in the task manager as shown below.


Just select the tabs which are high in CPU and Memory usage and then click End process but to terminate the tab and then release memory. We hope you like this simple tip for google chrome, you can read more google chrome tips and useful addons for google chrome optionally. 

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