Temporary Disable or Lock Keyboard Keys, Mouse Click Buttons

There are times when we feel that no one should interfere in the work we are doing. Though we don’t have any problem if they are watching it, but they should not be able to modify it. Or rather I should say they are not suppose to touch the keyboard or mouse. In that case, you have to hibernate your system. But what if someone is not doing that intentionally, like the kids in your house. If they are watching some videos and any of your program is under process. You have to lock the keyboard and mouse. So, I would like to present a wonderful option called KeyFreeze. It will solve your problem in a single click.

KeyFreeze is a very small freeware of 497 KB only. You have to download and install the utility. The user interface has been shown in the snapshot below.


Click on the option “Lock Keyboard & Mouse”. One click on that option and the task is done. It will take 5 sec to lock both the keyboard and mouse. Everything on the screen will keep on playing or will be displayed in the same manner as earlier. Also, the programs under process will be processed in the same manner. So, you need not to worry about anything anymore. Any numbers of strokes by the kids would not harm your project. There will be no interruption if they are watching any movie or they might be watching some cartoons.

But now the question arises, if both the keyboard and mouse are locked, then how to regain the control of these devices. It is also a very process. You have to press the combination of keys CTRL + ALT + DEL which will be followed by ESC key. The first combination will change the page from where you can get back the control on your keyboard and mouse. Isn’t it simple and easy to use? I have found other tools also to lock the input devices. But mostly there are few problems related to them. They are generally designed for one particular device i.e. either keyboard or mouse. In some cases, you have to follow a number of steps for locking that you prefer to leave it. So, I think you should try it will surely find it beneficial.

The tool has been tested on Windows 7 and also will be compatible with all the other versions also.

Download KeyFreeze

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