TATA DoCoMo 3G Launched – Use It Free From 5th Nov To 11th Nov 2010

So, now the generation of mobile services are increasing day to day, initially we were using the 2G services in which the internet which was accessed through GPRS technology was up to 155Kbps and all the speeds for data transfer were limited as compared to the data transfer in computers. But as the time passed on 3G was developed and now these limits of the data transfer has been extended to good extents where people will be feeling free to watch TV on mobiles and will also interested in making video calls. I was desperately waiting for the technology when it was launched for the first time in Japan, video call are the main center of attraction of this technology.


In our country BSNL was the first one to launch it, but it was wanted by government and thus nobody was allowed to launch the 3G services before BSNL. So, as soon as BSNL launched it, Airtel also stated its news regarding that technology by displaying the webpage related to 3G in its website and that news was also covered by us. Recently TATA DoCoMo has become one of the service providers for 3G. Obviously when BSNL launched its services everybody was mad about it and almost most of us tries to go for the services but then many of us got disappointed. So, in order to gain publicity TATA DoCoMo decided that they will be going for the free 3G service for a week and that is the reason they have decided to put this service free for a week, this week starts from Nov 5 and it will go till 11th Nov midnight.


They have their first of week 3G service as free, so now we will have a chance to see that how good their service is because many of us will go for using this service for free, so if TATA 3G service works fine in these conditions then you can go for the permanent usage of their service. I think it is a very nice step to advertise this service and technology because in INDIA most of us do not know about 3G, once they use it and if they liked it then TATA will be in huge profits. Mr. RATAN is smart!!!


We will try to keep you updated with all the new information related to this news and meanwhile if you get to know anything new then please let us know by putting it in the comments section as we will be glad to share it with all the other readers, So, till then keep reading and have a nice day!!!.

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