Take Snapshots Of Any Resolution, Format And Send Them Via Email

We have to capture the screen to present various things we are working with. Whether it may be a demo of any software or any presentation, we have to add screenshots. Though many users are using the print screen option but it is tedious process to add the desired part with that. So, I prefer to use a tool to capture the way I want. And it will be really interesting if I can capture it with few specifications so that I do not need to make changes at a later stage. So, I would like to introduce a tool named as RapiCapWin.

RapiCapWin can take the snapshots desired area, a particular window or the entire screen. You can specify the resolution, format and many other features of the snapshot. And the utility is available free of cost and takes only 585 KB.

RapiCapWin - by AndresCarizza.com

Let us learn how the freeware is used. It is very simple to use it. Click on any of the options from: full screen, active window or screen region from the menu bar. Click on Capture to proceed. To capture the active window, select the option. Go to the desired window and press CTRL + F12. All the snapshots will be saved in the RapiCapWin folder in your documents by default. After the screenshot has been taken, option displayed below will be presented to you. So you can directly send it via email if required.


There are some additional features available as shown below. The snapshot can be saved in the four formats: JPEG, GIF and BMP. Also, it can be directly copied to the clipboard. The resolution can be selected as: 94 X 94, 160 X 120 and 320 X 240.

Program Manager_2011-02-16_00-18-30

Click on Options to further specify the features of the snapshot. The colours can be chosen as: optimised, 256 colors, 4 grays or monochrome. The compression level can be set with the the help of the slider to define whether you prefer the quality or lesser size is more important for you. The screenshot will be saved with the name of the date of capturing by default. Though there are some other predetermined formats also. Right click on the Output file name and select the various formats.


The freeware has been tested with Windows 7 and it will be compatible with all the other versions also.

There are few other tools we have presented to you earlier: Greenshot, Ducklink Screen Capture and SiteShoter.

Download RapiCapWin

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