Take Screenshot Mac OS X & Share Direct Link To It Or Mail It To Someone

Screenshot sharing apps is a market that is seeing many new players everyday. We have previously talked about other similar apps such as Cloud App, GrabBox and Minus App. Today I’m going to review the newest kid on the block, PixAM.

Just like Cloud App, Pixam is backed by its own cloud based storage on http://pix.am/, however, the app is dedicated to sharing and editing of only screenshots, not even images in general. Cloud app on the other hand allows you to share all kinds of images, videos, and any type of files.

PixAM sits in the status bar, and has 3 pre-defined screenshot modes, which can be triggered by the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Clip Fullscreen: Control + Cmd + 3
  • Clip Rectangle: Control + Cmd + 4
  • Clip Window: Control + Cmd + 5

As you might have noticed, these correspond directly to the 3 modes available in Mac OS X by default, so nothing new here. The bad thing here is that though the shortcuts are easy to remember, but they are not customizable. In my case, there was a conflict of these shortcuts with the local ones for another application and so there was no way to resolve the conflict.

Anyway, PixAM is different from the other mentioned apps for the reason that it lets you edit your screenshots before you upload them, and PixAM includes a very basic and simplistic editor to facilitate this. The editor contains MS Paint like tools that allow you to draw freehand, lines, rectangles, circles, or even blur out stuff.

After you’re done with editing, you can press ‘share’ on the window. The screenshot is uploaded to pix.am, and the link is placed on your clipboard. Additionally, the link is opened in your default browser, which was rather unnecessary, but seems like a nice touch (you can see how your screenshot looks online before you share it with your friends).

Download PixAM

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